Protection from Hospital Acquired Infection World's Most Affordable
UV-C Disinfection System
Protection from Hospital Acquired Infection World's Most Affordable
UV-C Disinfection System

The RazeCoV UV Disinfection System uses Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation light at wavelength of 254 nm UVC band to deactivate the DNA of bacteria and RNA of viruses. It is a sterilization system with minimal human intervention.


COVID-19 infections can be caused by contact with contaminated surfaces and then touching facial areas. Minimizing this risk is important because COVID-19 virus can live on plastic and steel surfaces for up to 3 days. Normal cleaning and disinfection especially using chemicals may leave behind some residual contamination. Hence using Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) can deactivate the microorganisms by disrupting their DNA/RNA and leaving them unable to reproduce.



RazeCoV Ultraviolet light for room disinfection works as a safer alternative to potentially harmful chemicals. You can  safely enter & start working in  a room which has been sterilized using RazeCov UV-C light, but it might be hard to breathe or even enter a room that has just been chemically disinfected.


Tests show that UV disinfection and sterilization lamp products kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, when used correctly. More importantly, bacteria and pathogens can become resistant to certain antibacterial products but there is no such danger when using UV light based sterilization and disinfecting devices.


Regular & scheduled use of RazeCoV UV-C disinfection equipment will help to bring greater customer confidence to visit your business premises, which in turn helps you to  mobilize & generate greater business revenue after Covid impact.


100% Protection guranteed

Reachable to every corner with an advanced motion sensor. There will not be additional stress for your personnel.

Mobile & Durable

The RAZE CoV UV Disinfection System is a mobile UV disinfection system addressing more areas overcoming shadows

Cost Advantages

The RAZE CoV virus disinfectant UV tower provides the greatest value in HAI reduction.

Odour & Corrosion free

UV Surface Disinfectant has a ventilation filter system and is dry disinfection thus excluding post rinsing and non toxicity.

Extensive area of application

Raze CoV ultraviolet light a high level disinfection technology in high touch point areas such as hospital, hotels, public transport, multiplexes where viruses are significant

99.99 % Disinfection

Kills 99.99% pathogens in minutes including Influenza (H1N1,H5N1,H7N9,H7N9), MERS-CoV,SARS-CoV,Influenza A/PR/8/34,MS2 bacteriophage and Low pathogenic

Swift Process

UV-C disinfection time is 3 minutes per 15 sq.m with Remote operation. Time-saving of over 2 hours is achieved compared to other disinfection methods.

No Consumables

Uses UV- C light of wavelength 200-280nm for disinfection .It has a fixed 12 efficient UVC germicidal Tubes for 360 degree coverage and a height of 8 ft.

Nature Conservation

Green Clean – environmentally friendly.

About Ibis Medical

Ibis Medical Equipment and Systems Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing medical equipment manufacturer in India established in the year 2008. Our strategy at Ibis Medical is to provide unique and innovative products, developed through continuous research.

In this pandemic situation , the experts in medical device team of Ibis Medical, with an intention to raze off the COVID virus developed the RAZE CoV series of products into the market


Blog Posts.




What is UV Disinfection and how does it disinfect or sterilize various surfaces?

UV (or Ultra Violet) Disinfection uses Ultra Violet light of short wavelength that rapidly inactivates microorganisms exposed to it. UVC is an efficient and safe method of disinfection.
It is an effective COVID19 sterilization, it can also reduce or eliminate, DNA based airborne contaminants like bacteria, virus, molds etc and provide much more healthier air to breathe.
UV-C light which is at a wavelength of 200-280nm can penetrate tiny micro-organisms such as bacteria, virus, protozoa etc and alter the DNA/RNA by leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

2.How can you verify whether a particular spot or a location on a surface has been sterilized?

It can be verified with the help of a Dosimeter. Dosimeters are small cards or stickers kept at locations or surfaces which you plan to disinfect. Dosimeters will be yellow in color initially, when exposed to UV-C light of certain intensity (mostly 10µJ), its color will change from yellow to pink which means the power is sufficient to disinfect the microorganism

3.Can UV light treatment cause damage to the various objects/ electro mechanical devices in the room?

No. It does not cause any physical or chemical changes/damages to any inert objects exposed to its light.

4.Is ultra violet light exposure harmful to humans?

Yes. Ultraviolet light in C band (UV-C) can cause skin rashes, eye irritation and can also lead to more serious health problems exposed to a constant and prolonged basis, which is why all experts recommend using UV-C disinfecting devices .

Such devices should either have complete autonomous system such as robots, or must be able to be used by humans managing it remotely. It should also detect human movements in its vicinity and immediately stop operations.

5.Can UV light penetrate through any objects?

No. UV-C light cannot pass through any solid surface. In fact it can’t even pass through transparent objects such as glass, acrylics etc. Thus even if a glass walled room is being disinfecting, it won’t affect people working outside the room. However a purplish visible light is generated along with UV-C which is of no harm, can pass through glass/acrylic etc.

6.What is RazeCoV UV disinfection system?

RazeCoV UV Disinfection system are designed and manufactured by Ibis Medical Equipment, Cochin, India. It is a Disinfection Robot which uses UV-C light mounted on mobile platforms for effective microorganism sterilization. RazeCoV UV disinfectors are available in two types

  1. Semi-automatic
  2. Robotic

7.How is it different from other Disinfection?

UV-C light can be harmful when exposed by humans. RazeCoV UV disinfection systems are engineered for safety.

  1. It is equipped with motion sensor to detect human presence in a 10 feet radius around it and stops immediately on such intrusions. It then informs its operator through the app about this intrusion.
  2. RazeCoV can be operated only remotely through its own app.
  3. It has safety rally so that it does not break

8.How soon can you occupy a RazeCoV treated room?

Immediately. RazeCoV uses UVC lights for sterilizing. Light does not leave behind any traces or any harmful fumes once the unit is switched off. Hence any RazeCoV treated room is ready for occupancy immediately after use. This is in complete contrast to chemical based disinfecting methods.

9.What safety precaution should be taken while using uv disinfection

UV light has been safely used in water treatment, agri business for last several years. While using RazeCoV disinfection system, please ensure the following.

  1. Inspect visually to see if the premises/room to be disinfected is unoccupied.
  2. The operator of this device has to stay in the vicinity in order to warn or advice people to stay away from the area where RazeCov is being used.
  3. Ensure all the items which require disinfection are displayed properly and in direct visual range of the RazeCov device.

All items/ surfaces need to be visually inspected to ensure that they do not fall under the light shadow. If the light doesn’t fall on any surface, then that surface will not be disinfected

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